Many of us have problems with dental alignment and the general shape of the tooth or its presence in the wrong place and also problems in the disharmony between the upper and lower jaw for several reasons, including:

  • Incompatibility of tooth size with jaw.
  • Decrease or increase in the number of teeth in the jaw.
  • Genetic diseases.
  • Bad habits like thumb sucking.
  • Early or late extraction of milk teeth

Orthodontic treatment can reorganize the places and align the teeth and also correct the disharmony between the upper and lower jaw. It also corrects and restores the functional performance of teeth with many options and methods.

Check out at Kadoon Clinics if you need a dental evaluation to avoid the consequences of irregular teeth.

  • Tooth decay
  • Diseases around the teeth
  • Problems with eating
  • Problems with pronunciation and speech
  • Problems in the articular joint

Care should be taken during the period of use of the appliance to avoid decay and gum disease and to ensure the cleaning sessions from time to time.

 We at Kadoon Center always offer the latest technologies in the world of orthodontic and provide our reviewers with many treatment options according to the need and possibilities of references

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q - Are braces painful?

In fact, the installation of braces is painless. The patient only feels weakness and pressure in the teeth during the first period. This pressure is gradually reduced. The braces may be somewhat annoying in times of eating, depending on the type of appliance.


Q - What is supposed to be done incase of a cheek wound from the inside?

Dry the braces and put waxy material to protect the cheek and parts of the mouth from infections or wounds.


Q - What is the most important instruction to follow in the orthodontic treatment period?

Pay attention to daily dental hygiene and visit your dentist every 6 months for cleaning procedures.


Q- How long will my braces be on?

It varies from one case to another but the average duration is 18 months.


Q- Can I practice my daily hobbies like playing football and others?

 Yes, but it is advisable to ask the doctor to make a protective cover (mouth guard) for the teeth to protect against impacts.

Q - What is the ideal age for getting braces?

This is determined by the orthodontist according to the case and its respective person's age.