Composite Fillings

Cosmetic fillings are white cosmetic fillings identical to the color of natural teeth which completely integrates technology and art to compensate for functional performance and restore the aesthetic appearance of teeth infected with caries and fractures etc.

It is different from silver fillings (amalgam) as it is aesthetically better, and is similar to the color of the teeth completely. It does not cause pigmentation of the teeth, and does generally does not require the removal of a large amount of tooth structure, but it merges with the surfaces of the tooth and increase its strength and tolerance. The process is usually done in steps such as these:

  • The tooth that is usually infected with tooth decay or fracture is treated with local anesthesia.
  • Then the doctor removes all the decay from the teeth and starts the process to place the filling.
  • They place the material for etching and bonding.
  • The restored tooth is filled with composite, placed in layers, to increase the resistance and strength of the tooth.

Our goal at the Kadoon Medical Center is to provide our patients with the best therapeutic, healthy and aesthetic results.

We have a team of doctors and specialists to serve you and give you the best care using advanced scientific methods to apply fillings based on good insulation to protect the dental nerve.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1 / Why do we use cosmetic fillings ?

To give an aesthetic appearance similar to the natural color of the tooth.


Q2 What is the lifespan of this filling?

It ranges within 10 years, and its longevity depends on the person's devotion to the cleanliness of their teeth.


Q3 / Does the filling's color change over time?

No, it generally has a high color stability. However, it is also based on the filling manufacturer's quality as well as the doctor's application of the filling.


Q4 /Do these fillings get affected by bleaching?

No. As such, they should be changed immediately after bleaching to match the color of the whitened teeth.


Q5 What are the instructions that should be followed in cosmetic fillings?

Just take care of your mouth and teeth and clean them three times a day or after meals.


Q6 Does the cosmetic filler cause pain during or after placement?

No, we use local anesthetic when needed and high filler techniques are used.


Q7 How long does it take to finish applying a cosmetic filling?

It would take 30 to 40 minutes depending on the location and condition of the tooth.


Q8 How do we distinguish a good cosmetic filling from the bad?

They have signs such as that they do not cause leftover food within them, have a difficulty in removing them from their areas, and that they match with the tooth's color. Fillers should not be raised or irritating.