Derma Pen

It is a small device that contains fine needles to perform small punctures on the skin that vitalize the skin and stimulates blood circulation, which results in better complex and texture. It also opens pores in the skin that allows it to absorb materials added on to it after using the Derma Pen.

Generally this technology is used in mesotherapy sessions, either for skin or hair, for people who are severely sensitive to pain or people who have special occasions soon and are afraid of marks occurring after injections.

It is also used with skin exfoliation, wherein it cleanses the skin normally, but without using steam (the skin should not have a lot of pimples), and the Derma Pen is used with the appropriate mesotherapy products.


  • The injections are more effective for mesotherapy (complete absorption of materials).
  • Mesotherapy products used could differ in two ways:
  • Cleansing with the appropriate Derma Pen before an occasion
  • For meso with Derma Pen: it is possible to use the same Derma Pen head for more than one session if the sessions are close to each other. However, we won’t keep the same head for long.
  • However, if used for cleansing, then the Derma Pen head is used once because its sessions are usually far apart.