Diastema (Gap Teeth)

Gaps (diastema) are caused by the loss of points of contact between the teeth in the single tooth arch creating spaces (interdental spaces). These spaces may be generalized between the majority of the teeth or locally, and often between the front teeth in the upper jaw

The presence of spaces between the teeth is a source of concern and discomfort to many people, affecting the smile in general and the development of teeth and the safety of the gums. The doctor must know the cause of the existence of these spaces, to see the type of treatment needed by the patient.

Currently, the patient can see his future smile before starting treatment with digital smile design technology. At Kadoon Clinic we have a team of qualified doctors and cosmetic dentists available to serve you and give you the best care and a perfect smile.

The presence of spaces between the teeth in children is normal as part of the growth process as they are necessary for the emergence of permanent teeth, which will replace them. Permanent teeth are larger in size and more in number, and as such will require more space. However, the presence of these spaces may occur even after the emergence of all permanent teeth in the jaws.

There are several reasons which include:

  1. Young age.
  2. Lack of the number of teeth due to problems in the process of growth of teeth from the beginning.
  3. The emergence of teeth that rush forward.
  4. Follow the wrong habits with regard to teeth such as sucking fingers, or tampering with teeth using pens or wooden sticks.
  5. Genetic causes.


The closing of spaces is often determined by the doctor at the clinic after examining the references for each specific treatment method. Some cases are treated with orthodontics if, for example, the cause of these gaps is the presence of an extra tooth or a buried tooth or a lack of eruption, causing a gap. Ceramic shells are also used by placing ceramic objects on the faces of the teeth, closing those spaces and giving an aesthetic and natural appearance of the teeth. Also white cosmetic fillings are used if the space is too small and does not require a ceramic or ceramic object.