We at Kadoon Clinics are always seeking to bring the latest technologies and methods of treatment to the world of dentistry.

We offer you the technique of digital smile design, which enables patients to see their future smile and modify it before starting any dental procedure or treatment.

Through DSD we develop the treatment plan for surgery, beautification of gums, or the installation of tooth shells (veneers) for each case to reach the ideal smile.

Photographs are taken of the teeth with the face and eyes in several directions and angles and then transferred to a program with numerical calculations and standards of measurement that are related to the suitability of the teeth with the face and eye shape, as well as skin color, to reach a plan that meets the treatment services needed by each individual case.

The installation of ceramic shells (veneers) is done with several techniques:



Frequently Asked Questions:

Q 1: When can I get the initial smile design for teeth?

24 to 48 hours after the imaging phase.

Q2: What is the expected time period to end the treatment plan and get the smile designed by the program?

Depends on the services that were developed by the treatment plan. It may take two to four weeks in cases that do not need surgery.

Q3: In what way does the digital smile design program work to design a perfect smile?

The design is done in digital form through a program in perfect steps and standards according to the customer's needs, skin color and eye shape.

Q4: What is the difference between DSD and SKYN CONCEPT lenses?

DSD are laboratory-designed shells. The SKYN CONCEPT are designed on natural tooth shapes with several options and several designs to suit the smile of preference.