Gummy Smile

The smile is the main factor in determining what impression a person gives, and the ideal smile should have the length of the teeth match with the visible part of the gums, so when the smile is full the visible part of the gums do not exceed 2 mm.

Gingival smile is usually known as the appearance of a large part of the gums when the smile is greater than 2 mm. This is an anomaly in the aesthetic smile in men and women and may cause embarrassment many times. There are several reasons for a "gummy" smile, including:

1- Shortening of the crowns of the teeth or the visible part of them.

2 -Vertical perforation in the upper jaw.

3 - Excessive work in the muscles responsible for lifting the upper lip.

4 -  Shortening of the upper lip.

Treatment methods for this condition are determined after examination and consultation with the doctor within the clinic and may include:

1 - Cutting gums:

A simple surgical procedure is performed using an electrocardiogram or laser. It is painless and does not require stitching. For the process of healing the gums you will need two weeks at most.


2 - Prolonging the crown surgically:

It is necessary to reduce the height of gums in the case of advanced gingival smile and this procedure is known to prolong the crown surgically. It is done in the dental clinic using local anesthesia so there is no pain during and after surgery.


Botox (by a skin specialist):

It is a means used to relax muscles. In a "gummy" smile, the upper lip muscle is relaxed by injecting the Botox into it. The movement of the upper lip is limited to the upper lips and does not rise very much, which allows it to cover a large part of the gum.

The injection sites are determined by the patient's request. This procedure does not require local anesthesia and it is not painful during or after the injection. After one week, the patient gets the result and the exposed gums disappear during the smile. After 9 months, the Botox effects cease, and the old smile returns. As such, you would need a re-injection.

  1. Modification of lip position:

Using the latest technology, in some cases we can solve the problem of gingival smile by controlling the position of the upper lip. If it is high, we cut the internal vestibule of the lip and replace it in the right place, which treats the case and covers the exposed part of the gums.

We have specialists who are specialized in gum treatment to provide the best care and give you a perfect and healthy smile.