Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile; Many wonder about this term and how to get this smile!

Hollywood Smile is a common term among people in America and the term in general is used to express a beautiful and ideal smile that is white. It is an adjustment to the teeth by changing their color, shape or size to fit aesthetically with the shape of the face and eyes in addition with the nature of personality and age to get a perfect and harmonious smile.

It can be obtained depending on case and need. Some need to have a ceramic shell (lenses) placed on the outside surfaces of the teeth with a simple (0.5 mm) reduction (Veneer). While others require no tooth preparation or reduction (Lumineers).

Ceramic shells can deal with some conditions such as closing gaps between teeth. It can also treat permanent color change of teeth, and can also deal with broken and corroded teeth.

In some cases, teeth need to be repaired before the shells are made and some just require bleaching using medical substances (hydrogen peroxide). This procedure is based on the Digital Smile Design program.

 At Kadoon Clinics, we pride ourselves on providing the best care and latest dental technology to our patients. We also have expert doctors and specialists in the world of modern dentistry to serve you and give you the perfect smile.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long does it take to get this smile?

According to the treatment plan, some cases require 5 to 7 days, except those that require surgery and orthodontics.


Q: What is the difference between veneer and Lumineers?

 For veneers we need to file a small part of the teeth of about 0.5 mm from its surface, and after that thin shells are bonded on the tooth's surface.  The lumineers the shells are placed directly onto the tooth's surface with any filing or reduction. For each case, the doctor determines whether the patient needs veneer or lumineers.

 Q: Can I choose the shape and color of my teeth?

Yes, according to the treatment plan, and in discussion with the doctor about the technique of the procedure, the patient can choose the shape of the teeth before starting any treatment.


Q: Do I need periodic reviews after completing the treatment plan?

Yes, after two months, the doctor will give a review date. After that, it's recommended to visit the doctor every six months.


Q: Do teeth weaken after tooth reduction?

Certainly not if cleanliness and hygiene of the mouth in general is maintained, and with periodic follow-up. Instead it supports the teeth, as well as protect the nerves and aging of the teeth.