Hair Removal using Gentle Laser Pro

Laser hair removal for full body or different areas of the body  requires many sessions, ranging between 4-8 sessions. However you should know that hair removal using laser generally just lessens hair growth and thickness, meaning it won’t necessarily permanently remove the hair.

Instructions Before Treatment

  • You must inform your doctor of any prior diseases, such as skin or chronic diseases.
  • Laser is usually not performed on pregnant women.
  • Results may differ from one person to the other and some people may have resistance to the treatment.
  • Hormonal issues may decrease the effectiveness of the laser.
  • To prepare for the sessions, it is preferable to shave hair 1-3 days before arriving to the session and without applying any creams or makeup.

Instructions During Treatment

  • Birthmarks, moles and tattoos may be affected by the laser, wherein their pigmentation may decrease either permanently or temporarily.
  • You should avoid plucking, waxing or bleaching hair after a laser session and if it is necessary, the use of mousse may be allowed.

Instructions After Treatment

  • Keep cool and try to avoid sources of heat like saunas, Moroccan baths, etc., as well as try to avoid direct sunlight.
  • If necessary, you may use SPF30 sunscreen a few days after a session.
  • Use prescribed anti-redness cream by your doctor.