Laughing Gas

People's fear of dentists prevents many people from visiting the dentist and forces them to endure dental pain.

For those who avoid visiting the dentist, this type of anesthesia helps to eliminate anxiety that patients suffer from. Dental treatment is much easier and comfortable for a person with the help of nitrous gas.

Anesthesia by inhalation is a form of anesthesia using nitrous oxide (Oxygenous gas) with oxygen mainly  used for semi-complete sedation. 50% of doctors in the United States use this type of anesthesia in dental treatment to reduce pain and tension associated with dental treatment. The anesthetic is usually placed through the nose with oxygen by a mask placed on the nose in a specially designed device to allow the doctor to operate and perform the necessary treatment. It is particularly helpful in relieving pain and is used to relax and calm younger patients.

Laughing gas is the most appropriate solution for those who suffer from fear of needles that are used to administer long-impact local anesthesia.

In addition, it is safe for children over the age of three years and also for adults without any complications, except in rare cases where use of laughing gas is prohibited, such as for those suffering from sclerosis or pulmonary blisters.

Some dentists offer their patients to try laughing gas for five minutes before their treatment to help them make a decision. After the use of laughing gas, the patient can drive safely without the need of an escort.

One of the advantages of this gas is that nitrous oxide's affects occur within a short period of time as it reaches the brain within 20 seconds, which leads to pain reduction in two or three minutes.

It also does not require injections or needles and the effect of the anesthesia stops only five minutes after taking the dose.