Knee and Elbow Lightening (Fruit Acid Peeling)

Peeling is a cosmetic medical procedure that involves applying solutions and creams on the skin with the goal of getting it to peel to result in lighter and smoother skin. This method is used to cure pigmentation and fine wrinkles, as well as acne in some cases.

Instructions Before Treatment

  • Peeling is not performed for pregnant or nursing people.
  • It is not done if the skin is agitated, burned, has cold sores or warts, or if the person has any skin disease.
  • Stop any treatments such as laser, waxing, peeling creams a few days before the peeling session.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • You must inform your doctor of any oral or localized treatments, which also include remedial blends.
  • You must inform your doctor if you have taken roaccutane pills within the last 6 months.
  • You must mention any skin or other bodily diseases to your doctor.

Instructions During Treatment

  • A small amount of peeling does not mean the session was not effective, it just means the peeling is done on a micro, non-visible scale.

Instructions After Treatment

  • Do not tamper with the peeling or try to remove it yourself. Use gentle cleansers and appropriate moisturizing creams.