Pediatric Dentist

Pediatric dentistry is one of the most important branches of dentistry which is concerned with the primary (milk) teeth of children, from protecting them being exposed to warping, deformation, or decay or to effect the emergence of permanent teeth.

Pediatric dentists provide help in making children’s teeth strong and healthy, as well as explain the importance of developing healthy eating habits to protect children from diseases and to keep their primary teeth until they are lost naturally.

pediatrist dentist

Many people believe that primary teeth are just a transitional stage that are replaced by permanent teeth. However, there is a great importance to these teeth in children which includes:

  1.  The importance of chewing food in a child.
  2.  Proper word pronunciation of the child, such as no lisping.
  3. Maintaining the space between the teeth for the emergence of permanent teeth and to avoid any problems such as crowding.

The growth of a child’s primary teeth can affect the growth of their permanent teeth. The premature loss of these teeth due to decay leads to the growth of permanent teeth in an incorrect place and position. In order to achieve the growth of primary teeth in a child, you should maintain the cleanliness of children's mouth and teeth by cleaning the teeth according to the doctor's instructions in addition to a healthy and balanced nutrition.

Children should visit the dentist to examine the teeth in general periodically and early, especially at the onset of primary teeth, to prevent the occurrence of any oral health problems at an early stage, and also to make the child familiar with the dentist.

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