Veneers are a ceramic peel placed on the surface on the external side of the teeth to give an aesthetic appearance, provide a luster, and to get a perfect smile in terms of color, work and teeth arrangement.

Firstly, the patient is observed and the observation is placed in a complete treatment plan. Then photographs are taken that help to design the final smile using the digital smile design (DSD) technique.

A maximum of 0.5 mm of the outer layer of the teeth is prepared without anesthesia, local anesthesia is used in some sensitive teeth.

Temporary plastic shields, which are temporary, fragile, and often do not indicate the final smile, are placed until the manufacture of veneers. Then, when they are ready, the permanent ceramic veneers are glued and the perfect smile is achieved.

Veneer is a permanent procedure for teeth and cannot be removed and in the event of loss or breakage (rarely) of any part of the veneer refer to the doctor immediately.

The life span of the veneer is between 10-15 years by the adoption of routinely cleaning the mouth and teeth. They must be flossed and mouthwash should be used to protect and prolong the age of veneers. However, the color of veneers does not change with eating, drinking and smoking.

It is also not possible to change the color of the veneers after manufacturing or installation on the teeth so it is best to take a relative or colleague to choose the color of veneer before the final installation because the process of removal of the veneer is very complex.

The patient is given a two-year guarantee on the veneer with periodic visits every six months provided that the patient complies with the post-installation instructions.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1/What is the difference between veneers and Lumineer?

We need to flush a small part of the teeth 0.5 mm from the surface of the teeth for veneers, but lumineer usually requires no tooth preparation.

However, for each case, the dentist determines whether or not the patient needs a preparation.


Q2/ Are there any teeth the veneer cannot be applied on?

Yes, such as teeth that are widely spaced, which would need braces, or cases of poor oral hygiene.


Q3/What is the length of the procedure?

We take the impression of the teeth first, and after that we do preparation on the teeth, then the adhesion is performed. It takes duration of 6 to 10 days depending on the case.


Q4/ How do I clean my teeth after the veneer?

With  regular cleaning methods such as using a toothbrush with toothpaste, and using floss between the teeth as well as using mouthwash.


Q5/Can I choose the color of the veneer?

 Yes and we prefer to take a relative or friend in the color selection session.


Q6/Is there any pain during installation and preparation?

No, there is local anesthetic and after installation there is a complete reverse of the any sensitivity as the veneer protects the nerve of the tooth.


Q7/Can the veneer be bleached?



Q8/Does the veneer's color change?

With modern technology and quality of materials, the color of the veneer does not change with drinks and smoking. However you should still keep your mouth and teeth clean.