Zircon is precious metal which is used to manufacture jewelry or embroidery, and has since entered the dentist industry, as it has positive properties such as its high pressure capacity of 1400 Mpa and hardness up to 1800 HV, as well as the high resistance properties which has led to its great use in the field of dentistry.

ZrO2 is a neutral element that does not react and does not combine with any element in nature. Therefore, experts usually add about 5% of ethereum (rare metal element) plus a small percentage of aluminum oxide 0.15-0.35. The Zircon powder is then pressed with special presses of 8000 tons under temperatures of 500 ° C. Then zircon blocks with multiple sizes are obtained and are ready to use.

Zircon is characterized by white color and high transparency. It has the ability to be colored like ivory teeth and is similar with it in characteristics, which makes it very suitable for use in cosmetic dentistry.

Characteristics of zircon that make it useful in dentistry:

  1. Neutrality with the mouth and gums and eases the process of integration with the gums that surround dressing and crowns.
  2. In terms of aesthetics, zircon is translucent, allowing light to slightly pass through it like with normal teeth, giving a natural appearance unlike the metal crowns that prevent light. .
  3. Resistance to fractures.
  4. Do not cause discoloration of the gums or infections.
  5. Ability to make bridges, coatings and veneers in light colors.
  6. The white structure of zircon has an important role in getting rid of the black edges that sometimes appear when using metal-based fittings.

There are two ways to make zircon dental prostheses: either manually or through computer planning. Zircon overcame many of the materials previously used in transparent, metal-free structures due to its sturdiness and durability. This is due to the nature of zircon crystals which can be separated from each other and returned to their position when subjected to strong pressure. This made its use possible in the manufacturing of long bridges.